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Feb, 2017

Football Moms Initiative

Pam Martin, mother of Josh, Zack, and Nick, talks about how football has helped develop her boys. All three of her sons played college football, Josh at the University of Indianapolis while Zack and Nick starred at Notre Dame.

College athletics runs deep in the Martin family, and Pam attended the University of Kentucky as an intramural swimmer and student trainer with the football team. In the above video, Pam pays tribute to football and the relationships the sport has helped her family develop as well as the benefits to her sons.

“We love it as a family because it’s shaped who we are,” Martin says in the video. “We have had so many great experiences, and it’s taught us so much. It’s just provided us a lot of joy. It has provided my kids with their educations. It taught them the life lessons that will carry through their whole lives. It has provided a community for us in high school, and the friends we have will be friends for life, and we still get together. I just love the game. I love to watch the game.”

Watch the video.

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